FOX: MOVIE OF THE DAY      Mobile App  |  In Development

Role:  User Experience design, Interaction / Prototyping lead

With the rise of digital, the entertainment industry has experienced lost revenue tied to impulsive shopping behaviors. The spontaneity of grabbing a DVD from a promotional end cap at Best Buy has yet to be replicated into a seamless digital experience. Fox Digital Entertainment launched a “Movie of the Day” mobile app in 2015, offering a heavy discount on a movie each day as a test of concept. After a well-received first release, Fox approached PwC to help them reimagine the app to maintain adaptability and relevance amongst the crowded landscape of media streaming platforms. 

With PwC Experience Center LA


Prioritizing Features

The team ran a workshop with Fox to generate ideas for new features in the redesigned app. We furthered the ideas by prioritizing them according to main goals: Acquisition, Engagement, and Purchase moments. Features were then grouped into five categories: Taste Profiles, Notifications, Voting, Rewards, and Sharing. 


A Cinematic Protoype

Our goal for the design to resonate with the movie world was to be cinematic. Since the magic of film leans on motion and sound, we built a prototype of the design to put in the hands of our focus groups.


Engaging Features

On the themes of acquisition and engagement, we included special features that would help users control the relevance of their notifications and help influence upcoming content.