The John Hejduk Equivalent to the Utah Teapot

Lately I've been digging back in to design in 3D-- something that has unfortunately not frequently crossed paths with my interaction design work. Approaching modeling and rendering from a perspective outside of architecture has been a much different process than I expected. 

Just to get my feet wet, I've decided to model up one of my favorite sketches ever: John Hejduk's "Victims", a proposal for a pavilion park in Berlin. It never got built, but the forms and narratives are still iconic and full of imagination. 


The designs offer up a good variety of shapes. Some are radial, others angular and stoic. Some are as simple as an extruded box, some have over 100 components and complicated meshes. Now I have my own little diverse portfolio of Utah Teapot / Stanford Bunny alternatives to test out scenes. 

Here are some thumbnails that I have started to pull using elements from this drawing. Right now I'm just making sure that I can move around fluidly in the interface and have some control of mood / lighting / textures in my scene.