ASSEMBLE ENSEMBLE     Cornell University  

Design Thesis 2013: Recipient of William Downing Prize

ASSEMBLE ENSEMBLE is a school for the design, manufacturing, and exhibition of stringed instruments. It combines two methods of lutherie: master craftsmanship and factory production. The wall interface creates enclosure and form that is responsive to the adjacent program’s environmental parameters. The building system creates a moisture barrier between areas of varying humidity, dampens noise from machining, enhances sound from testing zones, and diffuses light.Using the manufacturing process as a spectacle, the building brings renewed interest to the waterfront by redefining the relationship of public space to Cleveland’s industrial past.

Following a panel review, this project was awarded the William Downing Prize, awarded to two Cornell students annually for outstanding achievement in design. 

With advisors Andrea Simitch and Jenny Sabin

Preliminary studies in acoustical conditions. 

Preliminary studies in acoustical conditions.