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Role: User Experience research, User Experience design, Interaction lead, Development coordination

The Pricing Portal is a customized tool for the 300+ pricers, sellers, and approvers that build and deliver a major telecom company's most valuable and complex service contracts. Our challenge was to consolidate several database systems, multi-paged spreadsheet driven tools, and disparate pricing techniques into one robust and collaborative interface. 

With PwC Experience Center LA


Continuous User Research

We spoke to pricers and sellers across the country to define user journeys and test an overall structure for the tool. Spending time with users was key throughout the process in order to determine the major design paradigms and test our concepts.



Personalized Dashboards

Custom modules at the top of the deal inbox help orient pricers and sellers around their progress and performance assessment. 


A Smart Toolbar

A fixed panel to the side of the screen houses global and local navigation as well as critical deal financials and indicators that appear and adjust depending on where in the process the pricer is editing.


Real-Time Feedback During Pricing

The original working method Pricers used gave no visual indication to how a deal was performing. Our team collaborated with PwC pricing strategists to create a dynamic illustrative pricing waterfall that would animate and display deltas.


Collaborative Approval Process

A centralized portal with contextual commenting would allow pricers, sellers, and approvers to communicate with an actionable history tracker, reducing the need for copying and pasting into emails.