PARKMERCED RESIDENTIAL TOWERS    San Francisco, California  |  Construction 2018

Participated in exterior and interior design of a 14-story twin tower residential complex in Parkmerced. Coordinated between Electrical, Structural, and MEP contractors for optimized interior unit layouts. Conceptualized and detailed 1st story canopy connecting the two towers. Drafted drawings and renderings towards a 100% CD package submitted in 2016. 

With Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill LLP


Designing from the Outside-In

The unique shape of the buildings and shifting solid exterior walls every-other floor made for a complex unit layout. But nearly every unit is designed with the goal of seeing straight out a picture window once you enter the apartment. 

An Iconic Level 2 Canopy  

The L2 Canopy provides additional community space for residents, as well as creates an entrance / gateway between the drop-off area and communal yard beyond the towers. The connection was essential to the concept of the project, but posed many challenges as the seismic requirements for the towers would require a joint so the canopy could detach without collapse in the event of an earthquake.  

Exploration in placement of seismic joints. 

Designing wooden ribbing concepts to blend in with seismic joint.

Defining a structural grid.

Studying the final scheme through 3d modeling and rendering