AURA     Mobile Application  |  Independent Study

Role: UX/UI

AURA is a data-entry application that provides a platform for people to easily log their headache symptoms. The data is compiled into a comprehensive set of simple graphs, charts, and diagrams that can be shared with doctors and researches in order to study, diagnose, and treat users with chronic headache problems.


Defining the Problem 

According to the Migraine Research Foundation, chronic headaches affect 36 million men, women and children in the United States. Only 4% of migraine sufferers consult headache specialists. As symptoms and and treatments vary widely from patient to patient, most specialists require their patients to track their headaches in diary-form.

Keeping a headache diary can be an arduous taskespecially when the user is experiencing pain. It also requires effort by doctors who need to synthesize the data and identify trends to effectively diagnose treatments.

How can logging data become a more effortless, personalized process for afflicted users who need to log frequently and on the go? How can this data be organized to save time for doctors in visualizing trends in their patient's health?


Application Goals

  • Provide quick and intuitive data-entry that learns and adapts from trends of the user

  • Allow patients to easily share data with their doctor

  • Visualize data to help users pinpoint trends 

  • Allow patients to anonymously share data with a global data base to aid ongoing migraine research and patient-to-patient feedback


Smart Onboarding

Onboarding for Aura requires the user to input a basic health history as well as their known symptoms, triggers, and treatments. This customization will be reflected in the data entry process, reducing the need to search and scroll for the patient's popular data points. 



Graphic and Illustrative Data Entry

Simple movements replace the current model of type-entry and scrolling through lists of inputs.  Aura will keep track of incomplete entries and prompt the user to complete their data upon return.



Navigation within Aura is contained in a menu drawer. All profile data and settings can be found within this panel.