99 CENTS ONLY STORES     Branding and Mobile App  |  In Development

Role: UX/UI

The 99 Cents Only Stores was founded in 1969. For decades its quirky brand voice and playful marketing developed a cult-like following, unmatched by any bargain or dollar store retailer. However, a change in management and a shift in product offerings that prioritize profit margins over consumer value caused the once maverick brand to lose its way. Customers without first-hand experience assume that 99 Cents Only Stores are like dollar stores, even though their value proposition is very different. We have transformed the user experience for 99 Cents Only Stores by overcoming negative perceptions with improved messaging, advocacy, and a new digital experience for shoppers and non-shoppers. 

With PwC Experience Center LA


A Unique Seasonal Brand Campaign

Our branding campaign for the Q4 2016 boosted sales by 7.0%. Our designs in print, billboards, social media, and online advertising earned 13 categories of Communicator Awards in 2017.


Improving the Store Locator

12 weeks after the branding campaign launched, Store Locator page sessions on the .com were up +192%